Bre Big Fish June Long Weekend


Although our waterways have been at their lowest levels in decades the annual Bre Big Fish was held in Bre on the June long weekend and was a resounding success with 428 registered entries. Participants travelled far and wide to complete or just take time out to enjoy the tranquility of being on the river with family and friends.

Walgett local Jarred Hunt took out the main prize when he landed the longest Cod, measuring a huge 92.5 cm. There was over 69 yellow belly caught over the two days of competition, with the longest ‘yella’ being 53 cm in length.The event successfully contributed to clearing our waterways of the invasive European carp with over 870 kilograms of the pest caught and destroyed. The largest weighing a massive 5945 grams!!

Events such as the Bre Big Fish provides opportunities for our communities to rally together to share a common interest and support each other during challenging times whilst appreciating the strengths of the land and surroundings we live . It also gives us an ‘excuse’ to take ‘time out’ to relax, reflect and spend quality time with the ones closest which is vital to taking care of ourselves and preserving our own wellbeing.

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy” (Unknown)

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