NSW is currently experiencing a significant measles outbreak and I am seeking your assistance in preventing the spread of measles by checking that all children in your centre are fully vaccinated.

I would be grateful if you could undertake the following actions as soon as possible, consistent with the NSW Public Health Act 1991:

1. Ensure that your childcare centre has a system to rapidly identify children for whom an immunisation history statement has not been provided.

2. Request that parents who have not provided an immunisation history statement do so as soon as possible.

3. Inform parents about the current outbreak and advise that if they have not provided an immunisation history statement, their child may be excluded from the centre if a case of measles is detected.

Parents can obtain an immunisation history statement by contacting Medicare Australia on 1800 653 809 or by visiting their local Medicare office.

Please use the letter attached as the basis of information provided to parents.

In addition, the National Health and Medical Research Council recommends vaccination with MMR for childcare workers and preschool staff who are not immune to measles. Many adults who were born during or after 1966 will not be immune unless they have received two doses of vaccine. I recommend that you encourage your staff who may not be immune to see their GP for vaccination.

Your local public health unit contact details are available on the attached documents.

A measles fact sheet is available at:

AMS Building

5-7 Sandon Street Brewarrina NSW 2839