Public Health Heat Warning


All staff are advised that over the next 7 days extreme heat conditions are forecast across the entire LHN regions.
Staff are advised that they need to monitor their personal well being, and avoid outdoor activity during the middle of the day.
If staff are required to work outside during the heat of the day they should:

  • Drink plenty of cool fluid
  • Rest regularly in shade
  • Limit sun exposure by applying sunscreen, wear a hat, and cover exposed skin with lightweight clothing, wear sungalsses.
  • Limit high exertion activity.

Those staff required to travel away from the workplace should ensure they have a supply of cool fluids available in the vehicle. Enhanced monitoring of patients vulnerable to heat stress is recommended.

NSW Health fact sheets related to Extreme Heat and Heat Stress can be found at

Please take care.
Chris Druce

AMS Building

5-7 Sandon Street Brewarrina NSW 2839